How can online sampling and digitization help grow your organization.

How AI And Predictive Analytics Drive Marketing Success

When it comes to marketing, historical data should always be a driver for strategy and planning. Predictive analytics is the next level of using that data for marketing success. Predictive analytics is the use of data, statistical algorithms and AI techniques to identify possible future outcomes. This can help you stay ahead of the curve and assess the future of your...

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The Rise Of The Data-Driven Marketer: Why It’s Beneficial And How To Hire One

Shutterstock Almitra Karnik Almitra heads marketing for CleverTap, a mobile marketing platform that enables marketers to create differentiated engagement experiences. Consumers are becoming increasingly picky about the messages they read and the products they buy. In response, marketers have to create personalized messages to attract and retain customers -- and that requires data. The consumer demand for relevant messages has...

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